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The best support comes from people who know how to speak your language.

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Life is loud

Someone is always making noise, whether it’s your child, partner, or a video blaring. Our voices often get drowned out by all the demands of daily life. The moments of quiet are too few and far between.

Being listened to, seen, and understood is a vital component of living abundantly. It's something we, as Mommas, have come to realize we often lack. We must have a space where we can take off our many hats and be seen and heard just as we are.

Come to a space where you will be heard

Circles are a messy, sacred space to show up as you are and be heard. A place in which you can listen deeply and speak authentically.

In sharing stories of your hardships and victories, you will gain the greatest gifts a momma can get: solace, validation, and acceptance.

Circles for Thriving Momma’s uses the hour-long Circles format to help us gain strength from fellow mommas while also sharing our own.

How Circles Work
How Circles Work

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Mindful Parenting





Parenting Style In Regard to Our Childhood

Parenting In the Modern World

Meet the Circles for Mommas Keeper

Heather, a mother and pastry chef from sunny California, has backgrounds in non-profit work and the hospitality industry. Her journey in the non-profit sector allowed her to contribute to meaningful causes, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Heather joined the messy world of Motherhood in November 2022, when she welcomed her son Luke into the world. Inspired by the challenges and joys of parenting, Heather recognized the power of shared experiences in creating a supportive environment for new moms. Her belief in the strength that comes from shared stories and mutual support has been an inspiration in her work with Totem.

As a young single mom, finding like-minded parents with whom I can be vulnerable, and share deep conversations has always been a personal challenge. Through Totem, I have finally found my "circle," developing connections to other parents by sharing the rewarding and emotional journey of being a parent. Totem parent circle has provided an irreplaceable sense of community and support into my daily life.

Kaitlyn K.

The parenting circle has been such a great continuous support! I've loved having an intentional space to reflect on challenges and areas of growth, while also being able to recognize the humanness of others in the growth. I'm super grateful to have this space.

Cat M.

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Circles for Thriving Mommas

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